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Physiotherapy for the horse can be used to treat specific conditions such as back and neck pain, soft tissue injury, joint conditions and nerve injuries and can also be used for the equine athlete to enhance performance.
As a keen competition rider and veterinary physiotherapist Kate is fascinated by the horse and how its physical capabitilties can be enhanced by physiotherapy allowing the equine athlete to reach its full potential.
Regular treatment as part of the horses routine can help prevent soft tissue injuries which result in prolonged periods of rest and a reduction in the working life of the horse.

More than 60% of the horses body weight is muscle. Prompt attention to minor muscle injuries not only enhances a horse's performance but also may prevent future problems. Muscle tightening is transmitted from one muscle group to another, so for example, shoulder tension may be transmitted to the muscles of the forearm, resulting in extra stress being placed on the tendons.